In Kamras case were any of these procedures followed?

The indefinite bans by unconnected parties would in no way sustain judicial scrutiny if challenged and would only infringe Kamras right to travel, specially since everyone involved chose to play judge, jury and executioner just like Prime time Anchors these days do.In what seems to be a case of crawling when asked to walk 2 airlines which were in no way connected to the incident have for some reason chosen to show solidarity with the TV anchor, who in all honesty has shown scant regard for peoples concept of privacy or right to silence, be it constant heckling, shaming and criminal intimidation of China ceiling anchors Suppliers opposition politicians such as Congress MP from Trivandrum, Shashi

Tharoor or Republic TVs harassment of Bihar opposition leader Tejasvi Yadav (on a flight) in 2017 even when asked by the airline staff and a co-passenger to stop the madness. A complaint must be initiated by the Pilot and then the airline must form a committee headed by a retired District or Sessions judge to investigate the matter and decide on the matter within 30 days.But all these come with a certain provision of due process. During those 30 days the passenger is prohibited from flying on the particular airline alone and if there is no decision within 30 days the ban stands automatically abated.

In Kamras case were any of these procedures followed?The Right to travelThe Supreme Court in Satwanth Singh Sawhney vs Ramanathan and others has held that the expression personal liberty in Article 21 includes right of locomotion and travel abroad and no person can be deprived of the right to go abroad except according to the procedure established by law. The actions of stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra wherein he openly challenged and raised his voice against Republic TV Editor and Journalist Arnab Goswami in an Indigo flight are in no way condonable or permissible.Kunal Kamra case, a study in locomotive rights. Additionally airlines can have their own internal regulations on the same for immediate effect such as Article 8.

The No-Fly List and what the law saysIndia came up with the concept of a no-fly list to deal with unruly passengers in 2017, The Director General of Civil Aviation revised relevant sections of the Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR Section 3, Series M, Part Vl on “Handling of Unruly Passengers”) in accordance with the provisions of the 1963 Tokyo Convention and bans can vary from 6 months to life.. Kunal Kamra Aeroplanes are clearly not workspaces for passengers and invading private space is in no way excusable or legal.Kamras action did him no good and he stands banned from all Indigo flights for a period of 6 months and two more airlines Air India and Spicejet have banned him indefinitely from flying on their airlines within hours of the incident.1 of the General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers & Baggage of Air India Limited permits the carrier “to refuse the carriage of any passenger for the reasons of safety or in the exercise of its reasonable discretion

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We have more recording studios per capita than any other country in the world

One of the most popular voices on the club music charts, Sean Paul doesn’t believe in diversifying his tunes for the sake of it. I’ll do step-outs with Mya, and Jay-Z, and I’ll be on their R&B rhythms and that’s great. The thing with Jamaica is that we have a very high output of music for such a small country. A lot of people have done certain flavours of dancehall, but there’s more things to listen to now. Artists around here typically record every week — sometimes two or three times a week or more.If not a musician, you’d be. Is it a reflection of your personality Mostly, my message in music is to party and get with the ladies.

We have more recording studios per capita than any other country in the world. We reached out to over 30 countries. I think that music should reflect life. There’s trap music, techno is back, and I wanted to blend stuff with that. I’ve done a lot of experimental work for my genre and to still be noticed is an amazing feeling. What is your dream collaboration I would like to work with anyone in the business who wants to give respect back to the Jamaican vibe.. The influence that dancehall has had on popular music culture is immense.. The Jamaican artiste says he will continue to reinvent and belt out the best in foot-thumping dancehall reggae till the time it reverberates through the farthest corners of the world. I’ve been a fan of theirs since Don’t Speak. No Doubt was a big, big thing for me and I missed it.

I don’t think you should try to do what everyone else is doing. I would love to do rock too but I know what my assets are and that’s what I’m hitting at. For the music to grow it means more pie for the people involved. Hold on to the dream!. I don’t want people to be confused. We have large sections of Jamaicans and West Indians living in New York, London, Miami; our music travels very easily because we are supported by our own Jamaican and West Indian communities. It was a ‘hit’ placed in my hands. You’ve been described as a dancehall, reggae, hip-hop rapper. Will we ever see Sean Paul trying his hand at a slow, romantic number I want my album or singles to define what dancehall is. My message is to have fun before life is over.All your songs are upbeat and groovy. How has that changed things I’ve been trying to blend dancehall music with what’s popular right now. He came over to Jamaica, flew a thousand miles just to thank me and tell me how that song changed his life forever.

He will be in Dubai next week to perform at the Pakistan Super League, for which he has put together the anthem. You recently left your record label to become an independent artiste. It was quite touching. How did the collaboration with Enrique come about Yes, it’s crazy.A musician always. I wanted to work with No Doubt. I was upset. What do you see yourself as I see myself as a messenger who is helping to bridge the gap, bring recognition to dancehall reggae and introduce newer musical styles to the world of entertainment. split drive anchors Manufacturers What is the greatest compliment you’ve received from a fan One of the songs titled Hold On that I dedicated to Usain Bolt for his Olympics performance actually inspired a fan. My impact is not only my impact; it’s people like Buju Banton and Shabba Ranks who helped me pave the way. It’s a dream-come-true. I didn’t get to meet them while they were in Jamaica at all. It was Latin and dance-oriented music so Enrique felt that I could do justice to it.Bailando is still topping charts across countries

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The president called on Americans in a nationwide address Monday to condemn bigotry

The president called on Americans in a nationwide address Monday to condemn bigotry — but community leaders say his words rang hollow set against a longstanding refusal to call out white supremacy and a history of tweets widely condemned as racist.”Trump has also characterized Mexicans and Central Americans as criminals, gang members, and rapists, and described the communities of African American lawmakers on several occasions as “infested” with crime and filth.He told the BBC that gun control was “the one area where I feel that Ive been most frustrated and most stymied.The president began Tuesday apparently irritated by veiled criticism from former president Barack Obama, who called on Americans to “soundly reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that feeds a climate of fear and hatred. He has no place here.”He mentioned gun issues one time,” said Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, describing the presidents comments as “unhelpful.

Adding to the backlash, Washington-based non-profit the Center for Public Integrity questioned Trumps self-professed “unfailing support” to El Paso, pointing to USD 570,000 in unpaid police and public safety-related bills it said he owed the city dating back to a campaign visit in February.”"From my perspective, he is not welcome here,” Escobar told MSNBC.- Not welcome -Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, whose district includes the area targeted by the El Paso gunman, urged Trump “to consider the fact that his words and his actions have played a role in this.Trump is scheduled to stop off in the Texan border city where 22 died in a weekend gun massacre on Wednesday, after first visiting Dayton, Ohio, where another gunman shot nine dead.”Before opening fire at a Walmart superstore in El Paso, the 21-year-old suspected gunman, who is white and from the Dallas area, reportedly posted an online manifesto railing against a “Hispanic invasion of Texas.”This president, who helped create the hatred that made Saturdays tragedy possible, should not come to El Paso,” tweeted Beto ORourke, a Democratic presidential hopeful and former congressman who grew up in the city.

We need to heal.He had nothing substantial to say about gun control measures, drawing expressions of disappointment from those hoping for a healing moment.”- He has no right -Residents in El Paso, unimpressed by Trumps tightly scripted appeal for unity, told AFP they were fearful of a rise in white nationalism and said the president was part of the problem.”She was backed by the chairman of the El Paso County Republican Party, Adolpho Telles, who defended Trumps visit but told CNN he needs to be more. I dont know if he knows what he believes, frankly.”We do not need more division.. (Photo: AFP) screw plugs Texas: Residents in majority-Hispanic El Paso told US President Donald Trump Tuesday to stay away amid fury over his anti-immigration rhetoric as he struggles to unite the country in the wake of back-to-back mass shootings that killed 31 people.”Legislation to overhaul gun control under Obama failed in 2013 when the Republican-controlled Senate rejected a ban of assault-style weapons and expanding background checks.”Critics pointed out that the language echoed much of Trumps rhetoric on Twitter and at rallies, where he has frequently framed Hispanic migrants as part of an “invasion.”I do blame our president.

In his nationwide address, Trump spoke out against racism but blamed mental illness, video games, and the internet for fueling gun violence, sidestepping the fact that other countries with these issues do not have mass shootings.”"I think, watching the president over the past few years on the issue of guns.”.”Trump responded with a tweeted quote from Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade, who said Obama had seen 32 mass shootings during his presidency, yet “not many people said Obama is out of control.Trump is scheduled to stop off in the Texan border city where 22 died in a weekend gun massacre on Wednesday, after first visiting Dayton.. A message to President Trump left at a makeshift memorial urges him in Spanish to stop engaging in racism and hatred. “He should not come here while we are in mourning.”Presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway accused Democrats of politicizing a moment of acute pain while Trump was trying to “bring the country together, heal a nation. Since the moment he got into office the rhetoric, the hate that hes got towards people that are just different color skin, he has no right,” said Silvia Rios

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These days, people are also using a lot of rubber waste to manufacture bags

From designers and stylistas to fashion savvy clients, all have learnt the art of pursuing an austerity drive and are resorting to organic initiatives at moderate rates. “Sustainable fashion can produce dazzling party/wedding dresses too,” Jain adds.”Many artisans complain about exploitation in ‘sweatshops’ since the inception of factory settings in fashion production. Now brands are also using zero waste design techniques alongside disassembly to exercise a positive impact on the environment.Admits designer Nidhi Munim: “Everything ranging from cotton to wool can be reworked. To prove her point, she enlists how established designers and budding talents have showcased this “green revolution” in their recent collections. It was well forecast. Even demure-dignity can be charming and modesty, beautiful. So the fundamental mantra is, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ and it’s all about individual perspective. But today, a lot of people might find cotton casual and polyester or manmade fabrics more luxe.

A plain-Jane clad in conventional weaves like khadi can look gracefully glamorous. You may say that sustainability is in no way a bolt from the blue and definitely not struck as a surprise magic-chant to the fashion industry.Designer-duo Jaya Bhatt and Ruchi Tripathi of Indigene brand decode the crux of sustainable fashion as “being kind to Mother Nature and humane to people while making a product”. So what can be better than adopting sustainability as a practical way of life to ring in fresh and wholesome changes within our daily system The fashion fraternity is now abuzz with sustainability.Extensive dissemination of information on the subject by an active media as well as rounds of discussions about the manner in which to deal with the increasing crisis of global warming, climate change, greenhouse effect, and carbon footprint, have in turn prompted the well-read populace and public-private sectors to turn sustainable. New Zealander Emma Whiteside crafted a large, sculptural gown out of recycled radiator copper. Thus a consensus towards mutual respect is ideally reached.Most consumer goods are now taking an eco-friendly bend to make lifestyles healthy, comfortable and contamination-free. It highlights the sharing of growth and vision of workers, creating more jobs for them, bringing their wages under a safety-cover and skill-development. “Premium labels like Patagonia, Marks & Spencer, Armani Jeans, Kowtow, H&M, Mina+Oyla, et al have embraced this diktat already,” reveals Jain. Effects of harsh chemicals and pollutants are otherwise spelling nemesis on urban subsistence.

“These days, people are also using a lot of rubber waste to manufacture bags, wallets and belts etc.It’s a misconception that sustainability cannot penetrate upmarket luxury segments. Can a sustainable fashion-industry address this problem “The socio-economic angle drawn towards sustainability and its staunch supporters stresses upon equality. For example, the most diaphanous cottons and silks, handwoven in the ancient times, were considered a thing of luxury.Ritika Arya Jain enumerates cotton, wool, jute, zips, buttons, etc, as materials that can be reworked to roll out a fashionable yet sustainable wardrobe. Even Bengaluru-based Summer House avidly employs this material in its production-chain. Fashion pundits predict that as resources become scarce farsight and inventiveness would be instrumental in changing the face of fashion. The bottom line is to return to one’s roots.Counting the reasons cited for sustainable fashion as an essential pill, one wonders if it was destined to happen. Another solid substance termed denimite is derived from the debris of denim scraps of tattered jeans with a view to craft out artifacts and decorative earrings.”Designer Ritika wedge anchors Manufacturers Arya Jain credits public awareness for the upsurge in sustainability: “More and more people are becoming conscious about the problems — the damages being caused to the surrounding environment — which explains their change in attitude towards consumer purchases.,” they add..

There is transparency, everyone is free to choose his/her task and is paid fairly at the month-end,” Nidhi Munim concludes. Fashionable output from agrarian materials can be amped up to appear slick and glossy. Who says subtle can’t be sexy One must learn how to merchandise attractively within budgetary constraints.When we talk of reasonably priced fashion, it doesn’t imply inferior quality. But, the massive alertness for the same in general has only now aggravated as a matter of grave concern,” claims Jain. They add that, “There is no question of compromising on beauty or aesthetics.It is believed that handloom and handicrafts fairs allow designers weavers, and artisans to sell their items to target-clients bringing them better profit margins. Back home, Ritu Kumar, Karishma Shahani Khan, Anupamaa Dayal, Anaka Narayanan, Samant Chauhan, Anokhi and Bhusattva are strongly rooting for this trend.According to recent reports, the A-league H&M is utilising a fabric called tencel, a soft material extracted from the cellulose of a eucalyptus wood pulp. For instance, SegraSegra, a Hungarian group, recycles used bicycle inner tubes to create stylish, leather/lycra-like jackets and t-shirts.”

“Designers are gradually approaching environmental concerns put forward by their regular clientele. Sustainable brands endorse a code of conduct that helps ensure nobody is treated partially. Restraint is the new order of the day and astronomical expenses are curbed to look into nature for inspiration. In fact, internationally, high-end brands are dabbling in sustainable fashion. Without tampering with quality and aesthetics. But Jaya and Ruchi beg to differ: “These products come at a certain price-tag and are best accepted in international forums on foreign shores or at niche bazaars and fetes, not government-run exhibitions. Like other craftsmen, they too accept their social responsibility towards making a difference to their collection with organic content.As fresh materials are difficult to source and emerge less sustainable in texture, the need to recycle existing fabrics gains importance. “Yes, of course.”“Recycling is the best way to minimise wastage,” echo Jaya-Ruchi of Indigene. Sewing green clothes for their buyers is both morally and creatively satisfying,” she observes

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I am always going to leave everything on the track.Bolt career ended in dramatic

“.”When asked what his legacy would be, Bolt spun a line that will be music to the ears of Coe and all at the IAAF, his potential new employers as both parties seek a mutually satisfying position to incorporate the Bolt brand for the advancement of track and field.”I am looking forward to being free.”Ive proven myself year in, year out,” said the Jamaican, world record holder in the 100 and 200m, winner of eight Olympic golds and 14 world medals since making his debut in Helsinki in 2005 when he finished eighth and last in the 200m final. Its exciting, Im happy.”I have always been strong on doping,” he said.”Its been a rough couple of days,” admitted the 30-year-old.”Often compared to American boxing great Muhammad Ali by IAAF president Sebastian Coe for not only his sporting prowess but also the charisma and larger-than-life personality he brought off-track, Bolt made the same link in a final press conference Sunday.

I am always going to leave everything on the track.Bolt career ended in dramatic fashion when he pulled up with a hamstring cramp halfway through his anchor leg in the 4x100m relay. “Ive said it, athletes should get life bans if you go out of your way to cheat an athlete.That meant his final competitive race finished without a medal, Bolt having sealed a bronze wholesale three pieces heavy duty anchors in the individual 100m behind American duo Justin Gatlin, who has served two doping bans, and Christian Coleman.”No! Ive seen too many people return and come back to sport and shame themselves,” he said with a wry smile. All I know is track.”Continue trying in anything you do, its a good message to the kids,” he said. “My whole life has been track and field since I was 10. “Work hard, stay strong and push on.”And with no mention of newly-crowned 100m champion Gatlin, Bolt signed off with a word on athletes who abuse drugs in sports and what the message to children should be.Bolt brought down the curtain on his glittering career in dramatic fashion when he pulled up with a hamstring cramp halfway through his anchor leg in the 4x100m relay. I need fun and to relax a little bit. Thats a good legacy to leave.

Everything happens for a reason; I dont know why it happened but it has. Bolt insisted that there would be no comeback.”It is just the championships, not to do with me personally.”I remember after losing the 100m, someone said to me: Usain, dont worry, Muhammad Ali lost his last fight also so dont be stressed about it.”No! I’ve seen too many people return and come back to sport and shame themselves,” he said with a wry smile. Ive shown that you can do it without doping so thats what I hope the young athletes will take from it.Bolt insisted that there would be no comeback. (Photo:AP) London: Jamaican Usain Bolt said Sunday he was sad but also excited to bow out of athletics, adding that his disappointing world campaign in London would not change his career achievements.”I always tried my best 100 percent all the time and put on a good show.”Im sad to be walking away now.” Turning to his disappointing 100m outing, Bolt said: “The whole champs has seen bad luck for certain athletes.”I dont think one championships is going to change what Ive done in this sport.”I wont be one of those people.”If you do that, you can be the best you can be. It has been a surprising championships with lots of shocks.”The sport is now on the way back up and we have to do everything to keep it in a good light

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Both ropes can be undulated at the same time or you can alternate the undulations

. For a proper push-up, put your hands about shoulder-width apart. To keep it fixed, you anchor the rope in place, wholesale saw anchors by wrapping it around a pole. They are anywhere between 2.5-5 cm in thickness and weigh between 7. The ropes can be whipped, slammed or dragged, but among the most popular are undulating movements that cause the ropes to move in waves. Keep your head and chest up throughout this move too. Lateral waves(standing at 90 degrees to the wave both left and right sides) 30:30 x 2 roundsGet ready to get moving — even more, that is.

Alternate your leg so that you land with your left leg extended back. Grab one end of the rope in each hand so that your palms face in. Lower your body parallelly till your elbows are 90 degrees. Continue alternating as smoothly as possible without losing form.Double waves(Both arms creating the same wave) 30:60 x 2Stand facing the anchor with feet shoulder-width apart.5 and 20 kg.Reverse lunge with single waves15 reps x 2 roundsBegin with the alternating wave.Battle rope waves with pushupsA five second wave x 10 times x 10 push-up x 2 setsDo five count waves and then do a push-up. Grasp one end of the rope in each hand so that your palms face each other. Repeat, and remember to keep the wave going throughout the entire movement.Wide squat with double waves15 reps x 2 roundsPerform low alternating waves, and once your waves are nice and steady, jump up into the air, landing in a squat. You can add extra movements like squats for more strength and cardio benefits.

Battle ropes or heavy ropes come in all shapes and sizes, typically ranging from the 8-15 m range in length. On average, a 15 to 20-minute battle rope session can provide you with optimal cardiovascular and muscle-building benefits.Battle rope exercises are easy to learn, and just about anyone can do it because it is designed to allow you to build upon your fitness level. Then again push-up and extend your elbows.This technique is easy to learn and is the perfect cardio workout for fitness buffs. Begin by doing the good ol’ alternating waves. Battle rope waves with pushups Rope training or battle ropes is among the latest training trends that have caught the eye of the fitness world. Step your right leg back into a reverse lunge (take a long staff back).

Both ropes can be undulated at the same time or you can alternate the undulations. When you’re ready to shuffle back, lower your body into a squat and shuffle in the opposite direction. Bend knees slightly, brace your core, and move both arms up and down rapidly, creating waves in the rope.Single waves or Alternating wave. Battle ropes are very challenging, but they are low impact. You use your core to stabilise your body, your legs and glutes to set your stance and your arms, back and shoulders to operate the ropes. This workout does not put excessive stress on your joints, but still allows you to maximise your oxygen deficit, heart rate and compound/functional training. Many people have underlying health conditions that prevent them from safely performing high-impact workouts like running and climbing.— The writer runs a chain of fitness centres in India and abroad.

A participant vigorously undulates two long, heavy ropes.30:60 (30 seconds on, 60 seconds off) x 2 rounds Stand facing the anchor point with feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Raise one arm to shoulder level and then quickly lower back to start, raising the other arm to shoulder level as you do so. Quickly shuffle to one side, whipping the rope and shuffling at about the same tempo. Essentially, you are getting the benefits of running and weightlifting at the same time. Continue alternating as rapidly as possible without losing form

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People always think about what the society will say

Bollywood celebrities Sanjay Dutt, Siddharth Roy Kapur, Karan Singh Grover, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Adnan Sami to name a few have all married thrice. “I really appreciate the fact that Imran married the woman he was dating. In fact, it has been observed that second or third marriages are often more successful, as both the partners are the right age and mature enough to handle things,” Nisha reasons. “Men look for both a physical and an intellectual relationship while women look for security and friendship,” says Nisha. Ayesha has two daughters from her first marriage – Rhea and Aliyah. So they want to give marriage another shot.

A 44-year-old man marrying a 28-year-old woman is fine in the society, but when a woman does the same, they question her.Third time’s the charmThese public personalities from various walks of lives have married more than twiceHollywood: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Britney Spears, Kate Winslet and Tom Cruise are just a fewBollywood: Sanjay Dutt, Siddharth Roy Kapur, Karan Singh Grover, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Adnan SamiPolitics: Digvijaya Singh and Shashi Tharoor. Meanwhile, having already experienced failures in relationships in the past, older women are more specific about their choices and do not settle easily; they want a mature guy.

Relationship expert Magandeep Singh chips in, “It’s less taboo for men to marry or date a young partner; however people find it difficult to accept an older woman marrying a younger man. But finding a companion is one thing and going ahead with the relationship and formalising it is another. This is one reason why you see more men remarrying and not women.And he is not alone! Back home, too, we have the likes of superstar Kamal Haasan, who has married thrice; politicians Digvijay Singh, Shashi Tharoor and NT Rama Rao have all married more than once. Men also remarry to show off that they are still masculine, powerful and attractive too. He first married Jemima Goldsmith, daughter of a British billionaire, in 1995. Sometimes, they have extramarital affairs when they do not get the support from their wives. “I don’t find anything wrong in seeking a partner after a certain age.Do age and sex matter?In small towns or in tier-II cities, only men may have the advantage of getting more suitors if they choose to remarry, but in metros, both the sexes have equal opportunity, feels Nisha.

Khan’s first two marriages ended in a divorce. Islam encourages the remarriage of a widow and there’s no bias between a man and a woman who want to marry more than once,” she says. The 65-year-old sportsman-turned-politician married his spiritual adviser and mother of five, Bushra Maneka, in the presence of close friends and family.

One needs to fill the void, it’s human and there’s nothing wrong with it,” she explains. In our society, it is difficult to embrace change. That’s not the right attitude.For cricketer Shikhar Dhawan’s wife Ayesha Mukherjee, this will be her second marriage. “There are so many single and divorced clubs in cities where people get to meet like-minded partners for a possible union,” she states.”Actress-singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi feels that the older one gets, the more one needs a companion.“Marriage is all about companionship — physical, emotional and intellectual. They crave for a new relationship easily. They need constant support from a significant other in their China saw anchors factory life and that’s why they remarry. “Even after a partner passes away or if one chooses to move on and marry again within a span of three months, it’s normal.”‘People always think about society’It is always great to have someone beside you to share life’s ups and downs, feels the owner of Bani’s Creations, Bani Ahuja, who also decided to remarry.When it comes to the psyche of men and women, they differ while choosing partners. The couple had two sons together and the marriage lasted for nine years. She was married to an Australian bussinessman, but the couple got divorced.Khan’s first two marriages ended in a divorce.According to writer and poetess Sherry Javeri, getting married makes more sense than keeping a mistress. A female relative got married at 74 recently,” she shares. When men touch their 50s, they are less childish, have less ego issues and are calmer.Relationship expert Srikanth Acharya adds, “Men are sensitive and insecure because of their biological make-up and coping mechanisms. However, the success rate of remarrying so often is also low. Imran Khan and Bushra Maneka Social media went into a tizzy as soon as news of former Pakistani skipper Imran Khan tying the knot for the third time emerged on Sunday.While Imran was trolled over his third marriage on social media, the world seemed to have ignored that there’s nothing wrong in seeking companionship even after a bunch of failed marriages.

People always think about what the society will say, even before acknowledging their feelings,” she comments. As people grow older, in their 30s or 40s, they seek companionship, not materialistic passions. “I am really happy for Imran Khan who found love and companionship again. He first married Jemima Goldsmith, daughter of a British billionaire, in 1995. Khan then married British TV anchor Reham Khan in 2015, but it hardly lasted 10 months.According to relationship expert Nisha Jamvwal, it’s absolutely human to continue to seek a companion after failed relationships or after a certain age.“If Imran were from India, I would have happily sent him a marriage proposal,” laughs Sherry

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The size of Wednesday’s quake is bigger than seismic activity reported

Seoul, South Korea: North Korea said Wednesday it had conducted a hydrogen bomb test, a defiant and surprising move that, if confirmed, would put Pyongyang a big step closer toward improving its still-limited nuclear arsenal.7 in 2006; 4.Experts say that ballistic missiles and rockets in satellite launches share similar bodies, engines and other technology.The statement said the test was a “perfect success. Pyongyang has also restarted a plutonium nuclear reactor shuttered after a 2007 nuclear deal that later fell apart.”The test, if confirmed by outside experts, will lead to a strong push for new, tougher sanctions at the United Nations and further worsen already abysmal relations between Pyongyang and its neighbours.While a hydrogen bomb is much more powerful than an atomic bomb, it is also much harder to make.

But there is a growing debate on just how far the North Korea has advanced in its secretive nuclear and missile programs. An official from the Korea Metrological Administration, South Korea’s weather agency, said the agency believed the earthquake was caused artificially based on an analysis of the seismic waves and because it originated 49 kilometres north of Kilju, the northeastern area where North Korea’s main nuclear test site is located.After the North Korea’s third atomic test, in February 2013, Pyongyang launched a campaign of bellicose rhetoric that included threats to launch a nuclear attack on the United States and Seoul. Yonhap news agency reported that quake monitoring agencies detected magnitudes of seismic activity of 3. Outside analysts speculated that Kim was worried about deteriorating ties with China, the North Korea’s last major ally, which has shown signs of greater frustration at provocations and a possible willingness to allow strong UN sanctions.

The size of Wednesday’s quake is bigger than seismic activity reported in previous atomic bomb tests.North Korea is thought to have a handful of rudimentary nuclear bombs and has spent decades trying to perfect a multistage, long-range missile to eventually carry smaller versions of those bombs. In a hydrogen bomb, radiation from a nuclear fission explosion sets off a fusion reaction responsible for a powerful blast and radioactivity. The test is a surprise, both in its purported type and its timing.North Korea hadn’t conducted an atomic explosion since early 2013, and leader Kim Jong-Un did not mention the country’s nuclear weapons in his New Year’s speech.A television anchor read a typically propaganda-heavy statement on state TV that said North Korea had tested a “miniaturized” hydrogen bomb, elevating the country’s “nuclear might to the next level” and providing it with a weapon to defend against the United States and its other enemies.Some analysts say the North Korea hasn’t likely achieved the technology needed to manufacture a miniaturized warhead that could fit on a long-range missile capable of hitting the US.

A hydrogen bomb is generally more powerful than a nuclear bomb.. The UN called the 2012 launch a banned test of ballistic missile technology.North Korean nuclear tests worry Washington and others because each new blast is seen as pushing North Korea’s scientists and engineers closer to their goal of an arsenal of nuclear-tipped missiles that can reach the United States.9 in 2013. After several failures, it put its fixing anchors for sale first satellite into space with a long-range rocket launched in December 2012. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (Photo: AFP/File) A hydrogen bomb is generally more powerful than a nuclear bomb. The country conducted all three previous atomic detonations there.Since the elevation of young leader Kim Jong Un in 2011, North Korea has ramped up angry rhetoric against the leaders of allies Washington and Seoul and the US-South Korean annual military drills it considers invasion preparation.In the first indication of a possible test, the US Geological Survey measured an earthquake Wednesday morning with a magnitude of 5.5 in 2009 and 4. North Korea claimed in 2013 that it had scrapped the 1953 armistice that ended fighting in the Korean War.1

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The worst irony is that the media

lead wood screw anchors Manufacturers Aruna Roy (Photo: PTI) Sometimes I feel democracy needs a mourning wall, not just for those who suffer because of human rights violations, but because one is witnessing the death of institutions. Yet the media seems strangely silent to its own institutional decline. It is time these institutions get together politically and institutionally to resist the destruction of these forms of life. The rules of transparency in a democratic society demand that such management rituals be subjected to an ethical evaluation. The fate of work, the future of work and the radical prospect of employment, stalks the unions.

One needs a theory of the university as a normative commons, committed to the sustenance and resurgence of plurality and diversity on campuses. Second, the university must adopt harassed workers and journalists as prisoners of conscience. In fact, there is an eerie fascination with the Taylorism of downsizing, management rituals to cut down cost and streamline expenditure, but little concern with the feelings, emotions or even the fate of journalists dismissed. More particularly, the university must create research centres, which will help trade unions confront the changing nature of work in society and understand the critical nature of the informal economy for the future. Sadly, the battle of Left and Right has vitiated concern with the university as a normative institution.

The third institution literally dying a prolonged death before our eyes is the university. But the independent Left has a greater responsibility to keep intellectual tradition alive. One of the great paradoxes we face is that the media is supposed to create a critical scrutiny of institutions, serve as an early warning system to institutional or normative rot. Unless civil society becomes more active and imaginative, Indian democracy will become a literal desert of abandoned institutions. In a conversation, Aruna Roy stated reflectively that our movements were defeated by theory. It is using the logic of patriotism and the nation state to emasculate free thought, dissent and sedition. Institutions like the university, the media and the trade unions anchor not only the world of information and work, but they create a normative framework critical for democracy.In a way, the first to go were the trade unions. In all these processes, it is the working journalist who suffers.

They failed to anticipate the future and corporations out-thought them. Trade unions, as institutions, should provide early warning signals of the threat to livelihood yet even they greet the epidemic of retrenchment, obsolescence with the helplessness of a silence that borders on indifference Ms Roy argued that research and theory must be brought back to political struggle or our movements, our trade unions would be outthought and outfought. One of India’s outstanding activists, who has the commitment of an activist and the sensitivity of a social scientist, made a profound comment recently. There is no reference to the humiliation, the suffering that ordinary working journalists undergo.

As trade unions lapse into a meek silence, one sees their fate catching up with the media, specially newspapers. Workers from these three institutions must see the affinity of their fates.There is a more important challenge here. One also senses a deep conflation of accounting with more morally resonant words like accountability and responsibility. In fact, it has become a corporate equivalent for sustainability. The very ritual is crude, rarely explained democratically attributed to some magical management consultant and shrugged off as inevitability. The corporatisation of newspapers has not been subject to critical sociological scrutiny. This is a future we can ill afford.As trade unions lapse into a meek silence, one sees their fate catching up with the media, specially newspapers.

The worst irony is that the media as a storyteller greets this tragedy with silence. One need not wait for Amnesty’s selective list to do so. It is time firms like McKinsey, often invited to perform this expertise of downsizing, are subject to a social audit. Finally, all three must support each other and with a sense of communitas and information, anticipating future threats to institutions and democracy. The CPI(M) should not feel pious because its track record has been equally marred. The very crises of manufacture, the liberalisation policy of the regime, the massive retrenchments and the aspirational nature of the middle class, which sought social mobility rather than struggle, condemned the unions to be backbenchers of history. In a tangible sense, the university must anchor the two other institutions while creating new forms of reciprocity and responsibility among them. The sadness of our democracy stems not just from the brutality and philistinism of a majoritarian regime but from its sheer indifference to institution building. The RSS, as obsessed with tampering with the syllabus as with our Constitution, is seeking to disempower the university as an autonomous body.

Yet, of late, one has watched the literal death throes of these institutions and our society has been indifferent or silent about it. The trade unions have done little to anticipate the changing dynamics of technology and work. One has, as a civil society member and as a sociologist working on human rights, wondered whether these so-called definitions of efficiency are human rights-centred. Strangely consulting firms possess a halo which claims an authenticity one needs to examine.Few people seem to look at the human problem of downsizing

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Stimulating argument between well-matched foes

V. It’s a matter of perception. If it loses, Diwali will be celebrated with extra gusto by those impatiently waiting for signs of BJP’s vulnerability and eventual weakening, down the line. Mr Shourie has never minced his words, nor couched his opinions in goody-goody terms. The kind out-of-control bachchas use when they run out of logic during a school yard tussle. If the BJP wins, critics will be on the backfoot. Forget civility. Fight them Who wants to get into that cesspool Live with them Impossible! round coupling nuts India is at the crossroads once again. Kalam.

Or follow a stimulating argument between well-matched foes. Wonder which grand mansion Gen. Whichever way Bihar goes, there will be major patakhas this For that matter, so is Mr Jaitley’s. Singh in the Modi Cabinet, whose regular pronouncements are so shocking, one wonders what they are doing in those exalted positions in the first place. Finesse. And the high-decibel slanging match continued minus even a half-hearted attempt to monitor the proceedings. Anchors themselves are sent off to international news studios to master the art of shouting down everybody else!

It is good for TRPs, I was solemnly informed. This particular spokeswoman kept screaming, “You shut up! You just shut up!” over and over again, completely drowning her rival’s words. Forget content. When the gloves come off, what we get is straight and simple name calling. The Bihar elections will be an important indicator — but not the only one. Nitish Kumar sang from the film 3 Idiots, prompting no less a person than Prime Minister Narendra Modi to taunt him to keep “practising” the song, since he’d be getting ample opportunities to sing after November 8. When citizens would hang on to every elegantly phrased jibe.J. Who wants to watch these awful people while they confidently air blatantly rabid opinions The numbers tell their own story.

Really If this theory is accurate, it says a lot about public discourse.There are ministers like Mahesh Sharma and Gen. Since everything today is only about numbers, this is also a sad indication of what’s going on in our society, where there’s scant regard for robust but restrained public debating. Perhaps, as a reward for giving serious offence to so many after the Babri lynching, which Mr Sharma had described as an “accident”, he has been allotted a magnificent Lutyens’ bungalow which was once occupied by President A. What do we get today Bollywood dialogues. Some of them are belligerent and dangerous. Which is why citizens admire him. Forget logic.

Forget style. Pity the two aren’t batting for the same side. Silly parodies of popular movie songs. Now that Mr Shourie has given up his BJP membership, he is seen as a loose cannon capable of bad mouthing not just his old party but its top leadership as well. Which is why we are witnessing a hideous new phenomenon of four or six panellists talking simultaneously at the tops of their voices, without the anchor making the slightest effort to regulate them. Mr Shourie’s politics can be debated. Together, they could form a formidable team. Most are a menace to society. But no matter what the provocation, men like Mr Shourie use their thoughts and words soch samajh ke and very effectively. Forget civility. When the gloves come off, what we get is straight and simple name calling. They are great communicators, capable of swaying public opinion.

In fact, they are pretty creepy and revolting. I absolutely love the level of political discourse these days. Forget logic. Some of the regulars on these jarring TV debates, are plain obnoxious. If it’s crude you want, it’s crude plus rude, you get! This is such a departure from those distant days when political sparring required an education. I was told, most political spokespeople representing the aggressive new breed, are instructed to shout everybody else down, and pay zero attention to the topic of the debate. They exist in all political spheres. Forget content.blogspot.shobhaade. How can it possible be good for TRPs if the audience cannot make out a word of what anybody is hollering I was also told that the more controlled, decorous shows, in which participants behave themselves and follow basic rules involving good manners, decorum, civility, are watched by very few people. Singh will occupy at some future date We have loads of “idiots” in India — not just the three identified by Prime Minister Modi.K. Bihar, with its three principal parties (the Rashtriya Janata Dal, the Janata Dal-United and the Congress) slugging it out against the Bharatiya Janata Party, holds the key to BJP’s long-term future.

I absolutely love the level of political discourse these days. Of course, the anchor did not intervene. Some of the political spokeswomen use such uncouth language and gesticulate in such a crass way, one wonders who briefs them before the show It was astonishing to watch such a creature take on another creature (also a woman), by resorting to the most juvenile tactic. What does one do with these idiots Ignore them Not an option any more. One is seeing a lot of that during heated television debates, during which comparatively new players given the job of doing the dirty work for the party they represent, think absolutely nothing of descending to disgustingly low levels that would shame illiterate street gangs in our roughest neighbourhoods.Arun Shourie’s disparaging comment that the BJP is nothing more than the “Congress with a cow”, found several takers (it is an irresistibly delicious description), even though everybody knows there’s no love lost between Mr Shourie and Arun Jaitley.

Forget style. If the “3 Idiots” pull it off, the joke will be on the BJP. Watch out, India. A brain. If the BJP pulls it off, the joke will be on the rest India!Readers can send feedback to www. But his intellectual prowess is indisputable. In that sense alone, all eyes are on the state which, strangely enough, has received a stamp of approval from Melinda Gates! And every utterance by influential commentators is being micro-analysed for vital clues.The disappointment comes when politicians disgrace themselves by squabbling like garden variety hoodlums.P

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